Actor / Filmmaker / Singer


Welcome to my professional hijinks! I am a Greater Boston-based actor and filmmaker with a passion for creation. For as long as I can remember, I've drawn my stories on paper and acted them out with friends. I brought that drive with me through life - after performing in a wide variety of roles and earning my BA in Film Studies, I think I've done something right!

I currently work as a full-time Staff Producer for Whitman-Hanson Community Access, where I host one of our flagship shows "On The Road" - and can be found as a freelance actor and stagehand across theatres on the South Shore.

The world is my oyster. Join me in my journey to bring my stories to life!


Recent Shows:

Born To Do This: The Joan of Arc Rock Opera - Summer 2023

How to Survive Being in a Shakespeare Play - Summer 2022

Richard III - Fall 2021

Constellations - Spring 2021

Julie - Spring 2021


Recent Films:

Silent But Deadly - Spring 2022

The Protagonist - CMF 2022

Tangerine - Fall 2020

Cult Following - CMF 2019

"All the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players,

Performers and portrayers,

Each another's audience outside the gilded cage"

-Neil Peart, "Limelight" (1981)           

Credit: Dear World